About us

The intention of the establishment of ASIS has been and would always be to gather Indonesian USC students. We host events that make Indonesians feel welcomed by providing them a sense of belonging through the interaction with other Indonesians. We also intend to help new Indonesian students adjust to their new, unfamiliar environment and school, which would enrich and assist their experience at USC. Moreover, through the assembly of the students of our country, we would remind ourselves of our roots and culture, alongside the strengthening of our national pride despite being a minority population in Los Angeles. Not only will valuable future networks as USC alumni will be established and maintained, but friendships will also be created and treasured.
The solid Indonesian community in campus will not only be known to us Indonesians, but also Trojans of other ethnicities and backgrounds; our authentic Indonesian population would be a valuable addition to the diversity and the international experience on campus. So IndoTrojans and/or Trojans interested with the Indonesian culture and people, you are more than welcome to join this super awesome group!