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Welcome to USC ASIS

We are the Association of Indonesian Students at The University of Southern California.

Our Mission

Spreading the Indonesian culture to the Trojan family, while helping the USC Indonesian community feel at home.

Meet Our Team

Jason Chu

Major: Business Administration & Mathematics

Hobbies: Soccer, Traveling

Email: chujason@usc.edu

Hometown: Jakarta

Jason Chu
Clifford Silfanus

Major: Computer Science & Business Administration

Hobbies: Volleyball, Board Games, Sleeping

Email: csilfanu@usc.edu

Hometown: Jakarta

Clifford Silfanus
Anna Adriana

Major: Master's Social Entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Board Games, Traveling, Outdoor Activities

Email: aadriana@usc.edu

Hometown: Jakarta

Anna Adriana
Vice President External Events
Gaby Sutandar

Major: Economics

Hobbies: Beauty & Fashion, Hiking, SoulCycle

Email: sutandar@usc.edu

Hometown: Jakarta

Gaby Sutandar
Vice President of Internal Events
David Kusuma

Major: Business Administration & Data Analytics

Hobbies: Basketball, Billiards, Board Games

Email: dkusuma@usc.edu

Hometown: Jakarta

David Kusuma
Vice President of Finance
Nicholas Pudjarminta

Major: Film and Television Production

Hobbies: Breakdance, Photography

Email: pudjarmi@usc.edu

Hometown: Jakarta

Nicholas Pudjarminta
Vice President of Marketing
Sam Lehardi

Major: Master's Computer Science

Hobbies: Sports, Board Games, Food Adventures

Email: lehardi@usc.edu

Hometown: Houston, TX

Sam Lehardi
Vice President of Operations
Jacqueline Gondo

Major: Public Relations & Marketing Minor

Hobbies: Trying workout classes, Music Festivals, Painting

Email: jgondo@usc.edu

Hometown: Jakarta

Jacqueline Gondo
Vice President of Public Relations

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How to Contact us

Email: indonesian.trojan@gmail.com

Best way to contact us is through email. We’ll normally take a day or two to respond back to your email. In the subject line, be sure to be very specific about what you want; because our email will sort any unwanted email.

School Address

  • University Park Campus
  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • Telephone: (213)740-2311